“Been riding mine everyday really nice board. I just wanted to say what you guys are doing is super important. Snowboards have gotten so ugly I was looking for a new one for a few months and every option was horrible looking. Black. White. Such a good idea. I won't even put a stomp pad on mine it's too good looking.”

— Garth

“I got two of your boards as a gift this winter, the 160 camber and 157 reverse. I traveled a bit and used them both in lots of different situations, trees, trails, powder, groomers, terrain, you name it.  I thought they were both great and lots of people asked about them. Both boards worked well in Tahoe, Mammoth, Snoqualmie Washington, and local So Cal resort junk.  I'm bringing both on a trip to Chile in August.”

— Atomic

“I've wanted a blank board since your company's inception, but it just hasn't really been practical. I'm a grad student and I live in the Southeast US...not much snow here. I'll be using the board for the first time in March for spring break. I'm headed to Park City, and I'm mostly a carving / all mountain kind of rider. My skill is intermediate at best, but I like to go fast, so stiff boots and bindings are a preference, especially coming from the world of step-ins - my old board was an old Rossignol rental with K2 clickers, so I'm very happy to have my own new board and boots that fit. I decided to leave it blank for the trip and decide what the graphics should be after I get to know the board.”

— Dan McCoy

“I bought a black wide board and have been loving it. After a couple days at Sugarbush in Vermont I've been using it at Muju Resort in South Korea. I ride all mountain. Muju is all manmade snow and groomed flat as a parking lot. The runs are wide even at the top and lined with snow fences to keep people out of trees. The riding is very fast. When temps are at or above freezing the trails become rougher (not bumpy) and the Blank responds well to it. Nice flexible board that has enabled me to learn butters and 180s with some practice on the bunny slope. I'm using Solomon Pact bindings which go well with the board.”

— Terry Willenburg

“I am very happy with my Blank board. I decided to buy one after ruining two boards in a row due to the lack of snow and excess of rocks this season. I figured it would make for a good beater board I could use in the early and late season but I was very surprised by how well it rode. I am an intermediate to advanced rider and there hasn't been any situation in which I felt the board's performance was lacking. The board my blank board replaced was a skate banana, which I liked a lot but often wished was a little stiffer because I favor all-mountain freestyle over straight park riding. The reverse camber blank is precisely that and it has now become my primary board (except on groomer days, when i use a regular camber board). My only gripe is that I wish it had a sintered base, but I realize that is an unrealistic expectation at this price point.”

— Gonzalo Barraza

“I'm happy to say that the Blank board I bought from you guys far exceeded my expectations. My home mountain is Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg Indiana, an incredible place with plenty of slopes for me to rip up. I didn't really know what to expect from Blank but now i can proudly say that it's the best board I have ever received. Not only is it well made but it's characteristics such as the flex and size are tweaked to perfection. And I'm a graphic designer, I wanted my board to be unique, and i didn't want to pay for a graphic job from someone else when I could do it myself and make it my own. And that's just what I did. I got a quality board at an amazing price and i couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you so much, and good luck with future business.”

— Devin Clark

“I love the snowboard!”

— Mercedes Lukas

“I LOVE my new board. It's got just the right amount of flex for me, it's super light and everyone who sees my board thinks the graphic-less white is the coolest thing ever. I ride all mountain, so I've taken my board in the park and through the trees, and it has performed exceptionally well. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, we haven't had a lot of snow this season, so I haven't been able to try this board out on a powder day, but I expect it to be awesome, and I can't wait. I'm really happy with my board, and even happier with the $200 price tag. I think you guys have a great idea.”

— Courtland Cook

“My snowboard is working great! I take my board from Alpine Valley to mount Bohemia. I love all terrain and it works great on all. Nice and flexible for all my needs.”

— Chris Hill