Design Your Own Custom Graphics

Submitted by Christian on November 12, 2013 at 11:20 am

Consider your new Blank board a blank canvas. While there are many ways to get artwork onto your board, one of the easiest and most durable is with a vinyl wrap. You make the design, send it to us, we get it printed and installed, and send the board to you, ready to ride.

To make things easier, we have a bunch of templates that you can use to lay out your graphics and get them just right. Download this file for six different formats: Photoshop, Illustrator, EPS, what happens if a woman takes viagra PSD, JPEG, and TIF. These templates are sized for a 155 cm board, but can be used for any size board by running your graphic a little long or leaving it a little short. You need

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to leave some bleed* over the edges anyway, and the print shop will make sure it’s all good before they print anything.

When your design is ready, just order your board and add the Custom Graphics to your shopping cart. After you check out and pay, you will get an order confirmation email, showing the custom graphic item. Reply to that email with your custom graphic, and we will work with you to make sure it is formatted correctly and all that technical jazz. Then we take your board from our warehouse over to the print shop and let them work their magic. When your custom board is ready to ship, we pick it up, make sure it looks awesome, pack it up, and ship it out.

It usually takes about five business days to get the board printed and shipped, starting at the time we get the graphic design finalized.

The print shop we use for this is really good at what they do, and regularly do jobs for big names like Red Bull, DC Shoes, etc. They’re all snowboarders too, and will make sure your board is going to look great. These are a few guidelines they sent over to help create your graphics right:

– All images submitted at appx. 75 dpi at 100% size. Meaning if a graphic is going to cover a 150cm deck (overall dimensions of appx. 11.5″w x 60″h) the artwork should be setup at a resolution that when scaled to the full size dimensions it displays at appx. 75dpi. If artwork is supplied at 50% scale (5.75″w x30″h) the artwork should be about 150 dpi; 25% scale (2.875″w x 15″h) artwork should be about 300 dpi. This number can vary up or down a bit, but we wouldn’t want anything submitted lower than 50dpi at 100% size or we run the risk of pixelization and low image quality.

– Artwork should contain appx. 1″ of bleed around all edges of artwork. So, if setup to how long does viagra work cover a 150cm deck (overall dimensions of appx. 11.5″w x 60″h) the production graphic should be sized to roughly 13.5″w x 62″h. This is critical in mounting to the deck to achieve a clean bleed and to allow a little give when lining up to the deck. The extra graphic (bleed) is trimmed off during production. Obviously, overall dimensions will vary based on the size of deck. 150cm is only used as an example.

– Artwork should not contain critical elements or information close to the trim edge of the graphic or board. This is also the reason for needing the 1″ bleed and flexibility when aligning the graphic for mounting. Please allow appx. .5″ of ‘buffer’ space between the board (trim) edge and any critical elements.

– If text or fonts are used in the design please convert to OUTLINES prior to submitting. This will ensure there are no issues with mismatched fonts not found on our system.

*The “bleed” referred to here simply means that you should not crop your graphics to the shape of a board. The graphics need to extend off all edges of the board in order to fully cover it when they are applied.

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    Have you gotten a reply from them yet? And also, I see you posted 7 months ago, when is the wedding date?

  • Summer in AK

    Nope never heard back, the wedding is in mid February. It is probably too late now and I am a bit disappointed

  • karl peachey

    quick question…… if i was to download an image from say google would you be able to put that exact image/picture on the board ?